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A Basic Hot Tub Maintenance Guide for Beginners

If you’re the owner of a hot tub, it’s important that you stay on top of all the necessary routine maintenance to keep it sanitary and in good condition. If you’re a new owner, though, you might not be familiar with all of the responsibilities you have in this regard. With this in mind, here’s […]

What to Avoid Doing with Your Hot Tub During the Winter

There are few things that feel better on a chilly winter day than dipping into a warm hot tub. Many people feel that winter is the best time of year for hot tubbing, because of how great it feels to just sit in warm water even when the weather outside is frightful. But there are […]

Preparing a Hot Tub for the Arizona Winter

Are you planning to shut your hot tub down for the winter? If so, that means you should winterize it before saying goodbye for the season. Arizona winters aren’t nearly as harsh as in other parts of the United States, but anytime you let an appliance hibernate for months, you should take special care to […]

How to Winterize a Pool in Arizona and How It’s Different from Other Places

Thanks to our state’s hot summers and relatively mild winters, winter pool maintenance in Arizona looks a lot different than it would in New England or the Pacific Northwest. But even if you plan to use your pool year-round, it’s important to know how to prepare for winter. Occasionally, Tucson experiences some record-breaking cold weather. […]

The Most Popular Pool Cover Choices

Although they’re not totally necessary in every situation, we generally recommend that our customers purchase a pool cover after installing a new pool. Pool covers have a variety of benefits, from saving money to preventing young children and pets from falling in the pool. There are a couple of different options on the market, and […]