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What Are the Differences Between Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis?

In marketing and branding circles, there is something called a generic trademark. This occurs when a specific product becomes so common and widely used that its name is used to represent an entire category of products. Think about how we use “Kleenex” to mean all facial tissues, for example, or “Jell-O” for any type of […]

What Is a Natural Pool?

A natural pool is an increasingly popular option among our customers for a number of reasons. Since they do not rely on heavy chemical usage like a lot of other pools, they are popular among our customers seeking to reduce their impact on the world around them. Pools are everywhere in Arizona, and our team […]

Can I Turn Off My Pool Pump?

Between water bills and utility costs, pools can be expensive to maintain. That is why many people look into shutting down their pool pumps for set times—to save on electricity. While the ideal pool pump run time length in Tucson, AZ is every day, every hour and forever, that is often not practical. Here is […]

Stay on Top of Pool Cleaning!

Many customers are not completely knowledgeable of pool cleaning frequency in Tucson, AZ. They often fail to schedule cleaning, and when their pumps fail due to debris buildup, it often becomes a nasty and expensive surprise. Pool cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Here are five essential pool cleaning tasks and how often you […]

Lap Swimming: It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

Lap swimming exercise in Tucson, AZ is a good cardiovascular workout, and it’s easy on the joints. However, it often has one setback: many people find it boring. At least on a treadmill, you can watch videos on your phone, listen to music or read books! However, lap swimming does not have to be boring. […]