When Should I Replace My Pool Tile?

Is your pool tile starting to look a little worse for wear? Have you noticed chips, cracks or other damages to your pool tile? If so, it might be time to replace your pool tile.

Read on if you’re interested in learning when you should replace your pool tile.

What is the average cost to re-tile a pool?

The main reason people put off re-tiling their pool is that they’re worried about cost. While re-tiling an entire pool can be expensive, most reputable pool service providers will offer fair prices for re-tiling. Be sure to get an estimate before a company starts re-tiling your pool.

What is the average cost to re-tile a pool? Pool re-tiling can range greatly depending on the size of your pool, type of tile and hours of labor. On average, re-tiling a pool with porcelain or ceramic costs somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000. If you have glass or mosaic tiles, it can cost around $50 per square foot of re-tiling. Most pools cost around $15,000 to re-tile entirely, though some may cost upwards of $70,000.

Were your tiles installed correctly?

Are the tiles already starting to fall off your brand-new pool? If so, the tiles probably weren’t installed correctly. That’s why it’s important to work with a company that has years of experience in pool installations. While it’s possible to tile a pool on your own, you should always work with a professional. It’s easy to make a mistake when tiling a pool if you don’t have any experience.

Have you noticed cracks?

Cracked tiles can be a bigger problem than they appear. Cracked tiles sometimes mean there are structural problems with your pool. People can also scrape themselves on cracked tiles. Avoid all these possibilities by having cracked tiles repaired or replaced right away.

Is your pool missing tiles?

Missing tiles are never a good sign. These bare areas create weak spots in your pool, so it’s important to replace missing tiles as soon as possible. When searching for new pool tiles, try and find one that matches your current tiles. A pool service professional can help you find the perfect pool tile for your needs.

Is the coping on your pool delaminated?

Delaminated coping is almost always bad news. When left too long, delaminated coping will allow water to fill the area behind your tiles, which often results in cracks in and around your pool. If you suspect delaminated coping, contact an expert to inspect your pool.

Don’t wait any longer

Still wondering when you should replace your pool tile? Now that you know what the average cost is to re-tile a pool, consider having yours re-tiled. You don’t want your problem to get any worse, as this could result in expensive repair bills. A professional can tell you whether your pool tile needs a quick repair or replacement.

At Arizona Pool & Pond Company, we offer top-quality pool maintenance and repairs at fair prices. Contact us today to talk about the problems with your tiles. We can be at your home in no time to inspect your pool and take care of any repairs.

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