July 3, 2023

2023-07-13 | 17:52:45

"What started out as a leak in the pool turned into a complete renovation of our 17 year old pool. Once the leak was detected, Matt (who works harder than a one-legged pole dancer!) started the excavation and resolved all three leaks (that were fortunately all in the same general area under the concrete), The chip-out of the original plaster surface was done in 1/2 a day, the tile work (shout out to Juan at JD Pool and Remodel Tile LLC!) came out BEAUTIFUL, and the new electronics (thanks Steve!) and lighting was installed by the rest of the team. Gael, Trista, and Sunny kept me informed and were extremely supportive of our needs (daughter graduated from UofA, gotta have a party!), and Scott put up with my texts on a Sunday when another leak was detected (fortunately before the hole was filled in). I don't "STRONGLY RECOMMEND" too often, but Arizona Pool and Pond Company has their stuff together, and I'll use them again in another 17 years! Thanks!!"
May 19, 2023

2023-07-13 | 17:52:47

"They were very friendly and professional. Even helped get the side services needed before the actual install"
April 22, 2023

2023-05-12 | 17:28:50

"Amazing business will not use anyone else for my pool needs!"
April 13, 2023

2023-05-12 | 17:28:52

"When I became the Chairperson for the community pool, we were doing business with a different pool company. After having problems with sand in the spa, green water, etc. It was approved to change to a different pool company. What an immediate change. The pool and spa were crystal clear! I was receiving compliments from the homeowners for the first time. If I had a problem with the equipment, it was fixed in a timely manner. Everyone that I have contact with, Scott, Sunny, and Cheryl are always so helpful and pleasant! Arizona Pool and Pond has been cleaning and replacing old equipment for the past 3 1/2 years, and we have no reason to ever change."
March 30, 2023

2023-05-12 | 17:28:54

"Prompt and courteous."