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Is Maintaining a Pond Similar to a Pool?

Water features such as fountains, pools and ponds are extremely popular in areas with hotter, drier climates. People crave the refreshing nature of these property additions when the temperature skyrockets and the desert conditions set in. If you are like the many others in Pima County looking into options for a water feature, you probably […]

Should I Get a Saltwater Pool or a Chlorine Pool?

The climate in Arizona is perfect for spending time poolside. Sure, there are stretches of time between November and March where the weather gets a bit too cool for a dip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit outside to relax next to your gorgeous pool when it’s sweater weather. Before you make any decisions, […]

Tips for Creating a Pool Cleaning Schedule

At long last, the summer has arrived, and pool owners throughout Arizona are taking a break from the hot, hot heat and going for a dip in their private pool. Of course, you can’t get all the benefits of your backyard oasis if you’re not maintaining the right pool cleaning schedule in Tucson, AZ. Here […]

What to Do When a Hot Tub Is Leaking

All year round, there’s nothing that can relieve stress or soothe aching joints and muscles quite like a dip in your hot tub. Of course, when one or more components in your hot tub leaks in Tucson, AZ, it can become challenging to get the same benefits from your tub as you are used to. […]

What Are the Differences Between Hot Tubs and Jacuzzis?

In marketing and branding circles, there is something called a generic trademark. This occurs when a specific product becomes so common and widely used that its name is used to represent an entire category of products. Think about how we use “Kleenex” to mean all facial tissues, for example, or “Jell-O” for any type of […]