Signs You Need a Pool Pump Replacement

If you’re a pool owner, you know how much joy it can bring you and your family. It’s the ideal oasis during hot summer days. But nothing’s worse than seeing all the time and money you’ve invested in a pool seemingly go down the drain when the water is murky.

At the heart of how the pool functions and keeps the water clean is the pool pump. When you have a bad pool pump, it’s going to grind things to a halt. Read on to find out if you need a pool pump replacement or repair.

Lifetime of a pool pump

A well-made pool pump will likely cost you more than $800. That said, these pumps should last for a long time, from eight to as many as 15 years.

The pool pump is a vital component because it circulates the water through the filtration and heating systems. The pump includes a motor, a hair trap with a basket and an impeller. Luckily, when there’s an issue with only one of these mechanisms, you can replace it without having to replace the entire pump.

Common issues indicating a bad pool pump

There are several things you might notice that indicate your pool pump is causing problems:

  • Rumbling sounds: A pump that’s vibrating too much may cause a rumbling sound. This is due to the pump bumping up against a pool surface and parts becoming loose or dislodging. Fortunately, this can be an easy fix that may not require pool pump replacement. Give your pool service company a call and have them inspect the pump.
  • Bubbles forming in the pool: If you’ve noticed a lot of bubbles appearing in the pool, it’s likely that the pool pump has an air leak. This is something you’ll want to have checked out immediately, as it means the pool’s filter isn’t functioning properly. This can lead to cloudy or dirty pool water, which may pose health hazards.
  • Grinding sounds: If you’ve noticed a grinding or screeching sound, it’s a sign that your pump needs new bearings. On its own, this isn’t a big deal. However, if you leave it alone for too long, worn-out bearings may cause the motor to overheat. This can damage the pump’s windings.

It’s also possible that your pool pump is simply at the end of its life cycle. In any of these cases, you don’t want to mess with the pool pump on your own. This isn’t a recommended DIY project, and should be handled by professionals. Having a regular pool maintenance schedule with a trusted professional will help ensure your pool will be in ideal condition.

If you need pool pump replacement or repair, it’s time to call the pros at Arizona Pool & Pond Company. Our team of talented technicians is ready to help you and your family enjoy your pool for years to come. Whether you want to make an investment in a new pool, spa or water fountain, or you want the best service around, we’re here to assist you. Give us a call right now and get a free estimate.

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