Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Pool

Fall is a tricky time for pool owners. You might be trying to fit in a few more swims before the season ends, but pretty soon, leaves will begin to collect on the pool’s surface. This is when you need to start thinking about keeping the drains clear and ensuring the filter is doing its job. Read on to find out more about fall season pool maintenance.

Basic cleaning

Start by taking any toys out of the pool. Make sure everything about the pool is in good working order. Use a pool vacuum, then brush the tiles and clean off the pool deck.

Skim off the leaves

Regular pool skimming is the most important task when it comes to pool maintenance for fall. While the red, orange and yellow leaves can be beautiful, when they find their way into your pool, it’s likely the pool will become green if it’s not skimmed regularly.

This is especially true if you have trees hanging around the pool. That’s because a pool with a buildup of leaves will lead to algae growth, which is liable to stain the bottom and side walls of the pool. Be sure to skim your pool and clean the skimmer basket to keep everything looking its best.

Pool filter

The pool gets most of its use during the summer. That means fall is a key time to clean out your pool filter. Summer fun combined with the fall’s leaves can clog the filter. Make sure it’s clean before you shut down the pool for the season.

Keep the pool covered

Covering your pool is a great way to save time and energy cleaning the pool down the line. It will also help prevent evaporation and protect the pool from environmental factors that may react adversely to chlorine. A pool cover is also an important safety measure that can help prevent accidents.

Inspect the pool for cracks

Another fall season pool maintenance task is to check the entire pool deck for cracks. It’s best to have these sealed and repaired now, before the winter, to avoid any permanent damage. Cracks in the pool deck will allow moisture to seep in. This moisture can then freeze, which can result in deeper cracks and more damage. That’s why it’s smart to take care of the cracks early so they don’t continue to spread.

Adjust pool chemicals

Lower temperatures mean you don’t need to add as many chemicals to the water. Check out the pH and chemical levels regularly throughout the fall and winter, then adjust the levels as needed.

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