Lap Swimming: It Doesn’t Have to Be Boring!

Lap swimming exercise in Tucson, AZ is a good cardiovascular workout, and it’s easy on the joints. However, it often has one setback: many people find it boring. At least on a treadmill, you can watch videos on your phone, listen to music or read books! However, lap swimming does not have to be boring. Here are six tips to beat the boredom and focus on your workout:

  • Play music: Technology like Bluetooth makes outdoor music easier. All you have to do is keep your devices charged and set up speakers. Music can play even if you leave your mobile device inside to keep it safe from the elements. Your favorite tunes can pump you up and keep you focused. It will help your workouts go by faster, and you will feel better.
  • Try interval training: Changing your routine can make lap swimming much more exciting, so mix it up a bit. Change your speed at intervals to give yourself something else to focus on while you swim. For example, use the first 50 laps to warm up, then swim half a lap quickly and the other half slowly. Swim 25 laps fast, and then cool down with 50 relaxed laps. You will likely find this more engaging than staying at one speed the whole time.
  • Perfect your technique: There are many elements to good swimming form. Steady kicking, fewer strokes per lap and lengthening your stroke are just a few elements you can work on as you swim 60 laps. Better form also reduces your chances of developing repetitive stress injuries, which can be painful and interrupt your workout. As you count your laps, also think about your form.
  • Practice good breathing: If you can learn to breathe from both sides, it will make for better balanced strokes and improved swimming form. Consider alternating which side you breathe on and think about not taking breaths from just one side. You can even stay left for one lap and right for the next. This technique is good conditioning for your lungs and gives you another form element to improve.
  • Change your stroke: If you freestyle every day, it will start to get boring. However, if you throw in laps where you use butterfly, backstroke or breaststroke, you will work other muscles and avoid the possibility of boredom. Changing strokes also reduces the likelihood of repetitive stress injuries and helps you develop into a stronger swimmer.
  • Daydream: Life is full of stressors, and lap swimming is a time for you to be alone with your thoughts and clear your mind. Use the time to think through a problem as the activity raises your heart rate and releases endorphins, or fantasize about that vacation you have been anticipating for years. This is a time where you have no obligations but to keep on swimming. Make good use of it!

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