Four Reasons to Use Your Hot Tub in the Summer

A warm soak on a cold winter day is considered the primary reason many homeowners install a hot tub. With this in mind, it seems almost counterintuitive to use a hot tub in the summer. However, hot tub use in summer offers benefits just as it does in the winter, showing that your hot tub can enhance your quality of life all year round in Tucson, AZ. Here are four reasons why summer is a great time to sit in your hot tub:

  • You can cool the water: Keeping a hot tub at 100 degrees is not your only option. Spas with CoolZone technology can cool the water to as low as 65 degrees if you need a bracing experience on a hot day. However, you do not need to be that extreme. Anything lower than your body temperature (98.6 degrees) will relax you, even if the outdoor temperature is over 100 degrees. Cool down and take the temperature down to 85 degrees. You will enjoy the cooling soak and still benefit from the effects of warm water.
  • Enjoy a nighttime dip: Hot tubs can be very refreshing once the sun sets. The air temperature is cooler, so you can raise the water temperature. You also do not have to worry about wearing sunblock or protecting yourself from the elements. Add mood lighting for ambience and play music to enhance your watery evening retreat. This can quickly become a routine after a tough day at work or when you simply wish for time to yourself. An end-of-day soak is also proven to improve sleep, as long as you do not soak for longer than 20 minutes.
  • Start your day with a soak: If sore muscles and aching joints make it difficult to start your day, a hot tub soak in the morning works any time of year. This can be especially nice after a workout, or if you had a night where you struggled to sleep. While a hot shower can help with muscle soreness, it is not nearly as relaxing to stand in a shower as it is to soak in a hot tub. This refreshing routine will help control your pain all day and start your day with a positive attitude.
  • Deck parties: Summer is a time of outdoor socializing. The barbecue is a nice touch, but opening up access to your hot tub will also make you popular. Bluetooth technology expands the possibilities for these hot tub parties. Install an entertainment system and have a movie marathon. Play your favorite Spotify playlists as people eat and soak. You can even add water features and LED lighting to enhance the party mood. In a world where so much communication occurs online, this can be a boost to your social life.

Arizona Pool & Pond Company encourages hot tub use in summer in Tucson, AZ, as there is no reason to bypass this luxury just because temperatures rise. Visit us today to find the ideal hot tub for your home.

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