Tips for Pool Deck Maintenance

To get the most out of your pool, proper cleaning and maintenance of the pool and related elements of your property, such as the deck, is essential. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners struggle to keep up with routine swimming pool deck maintenance in Tucson, AZ. The good news is that there are some simple tips to follow to keep your pool deck in the best shape possible for years to come. Read on for some essential pool cleaning and maintenance advice and recommendations.

Why pool deck cleaning is important

Pool deck cleaning and maintenance requires some time and effort, but the benefits are well worth the investment. Not only does regular cleaning keep your pool deck looking its best, it also improves the longevity of your deck, prevents deterioration and minimizes wear and tear. A properly-maintained pool deck will last longer and stay in better condition than a deck that isn’t cared for. Cleaning your pool deck allows you to save money and get the most out of your pool area.

Cleaning and maintenance tips

All it takes is some basic routine care to significantly improve the condition of your pool deck. For the best results, follow these simple cleaning and maintenance tips:

  • Seal concrete decks: Concrete requires regular sealing to protect it from deterioration and damage. Seal your concrete pool deck regularly using a quality concrete sealer product. Because pool decks are exposed to unique conditions, including heightened levels of certain chemicals, it’s best to use a product that’s designed for concrete pool decks.
  • Clean your deck thoroughly: To cut through grime and really get your pool deck clean, it’s important to use the right tools and cleaning solutions. Start by mixing some water, household bleach and dish soap in a bucket. Next, use a scrub brush to apply the cleaning solution and start scrubbing your pool deck. Pay special attention to grout lines where dirt and grime are more likely to build up. Rinse off your deck with a pressure washer nozzle or a garden hose once you’ve finished scrubbing.
  • Consider professional pool maintenance: While there are some aspects of pool maintenance that can be done without professional help, it’s a good idea to work with a pool maintenance technician for some of the more involved processes. Professional swimming pool deck maintenance in Tucson, AZ allows you to maximize the benefits of pool deck service without any of the stress, time or hassle of doing it yourself. A professional can also help you with other services, like filter maintenance and pool repairs, to keep your pool operating effectively and efficiently.

Professional pool deck cleaning in Tucson, AZ

If you have more questions about pool deck cleaning in Tucson, AZ or you’re interested in hiring a professional to service your pool area, reach out to Arizona Pool & Pond Company. With decades of experience providing a wide range of pool services, including pool deck maintenance, our team can offer customized services that are perfect for you. To find out more about all of the services we provide and to request a quote from our team, just give us a call today!

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