Preparing Your Swimming Pool for Monsoon Season

Arizona pools and the monsoon season often don’t mix well. Monsoon season can cause a litany of problems with your pool, including clogged drains, overflowing water and more. It’s also important to protect your pool against the extreme weather that the monsoon season brings. You probably paid a lot of money for your pool and don’t want to have to invest in expensive repairs. Read on to learn some helpful swimming pool maintenance tips for the monsoon season.

Avoid using your pool cover

While it might be tempting to cover your pool during monsoon season, it’s actually best to avoid using your pool cover. Pool covers can often be expensive, and flying branches could cause major damage. This damage might even leave your pool cover unusable. Pool covers also don’t do much when it comes to keeping dirt and dust out of your pool during monsoon season. This is because high winds will usually lift the cover, allowing debris into the pool. There just isn’t much of a point in using your pool cover during monsoon season.

Keep the water in your pool

Some people like to drain the water in their pool during monsoon season, although this usually isn’t the best idea. Without any water, your pool might be more susceptible to damage from branches and other debris. Dirt and dust could also easily stain your pool when there’s no water to protect it. You’ll find it’s much easier to clean your pool after the storm has passed rather than spending hours cleaning and then refilling your pool.

Keep the plants in your yard trimmed

One of the best ways to avoid pool damage caused by branches is to keep the trees in your yard trimmed. Remove any low-hanging branches or limbs that appear ready to fall off. Doing this can also help protect your home from damage. If you’re inexperienced in trimming trees and bushes, consider contacting a local arborist for help.

Remove furniture and other objects from your pool deck

The high winds of the monsoon season could easily send any furniture or other items from your deck into the pool. These items can easily damage your pool and other surrounding structures. Keep these items from flying through the air by storing them in a shed or somewhere inside your home.

Cleaning your pool during monsoon season

Once the storms have subsided, it’s important to give your pool a proper cleaning. Be sure to perform a water analysis to determine what chemicals it might need. You’ll likely have to elevate chlorine levels during monsoon season. To remove the dirt and other debris, simply use a pool net.

While Arizona pools can have a tough time during monsoon season, there are plenty of ways to protect yours from damage. Follow all the tips listed above, and consider asking a pool expert in your area for any additional advice. If a monsoon does end up damaging your pool in any way, contact the experts at Arizona Pool & Pond Company for high-quality, fairly-priced repairs.

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