Seasonal Care of Your Water Features

Each season is unique. It brings with it fresh blooms and different weather patterns. Each season also requires specific maintenance for your water features. To keep your water features in top shape, use the following guide for seasonal care of your water features in Tucson, AZ.


If your property (or a neighboring property) has trees, you’ll need to keep your water feature clear of leaves in the fall. During peak fall season, you may need to empty the skimmer basket daily to ensure proper water flow. Keep in mind that the presence of a lot of leaves in your water may also cause the water to turn brown. To correct this issue, use activated carbon, which will clear up the water.


If you think temperatures will drop low enough to cause your water feature to freeze during the winter—thankfully a rarity here in Tucson—you must decide whether to try to keep your pond running for this season or shut it down. If you decide to shut the water feature down for the season, unplug the pump and remove it from the water feature. Submerge the pump in a bucket of water to prevent the seals from drying out, and store the pump in a location that will remain frost-free all winter.

If your water feature must endure a long period of cold weather, you may want to use a deicer. This floating unit heats the water to prevent freezing. To find the best unit for your setting, check with your local pond and pool store.

If you choose to keep your water feature running for the winter, be sure to continue replacing any lost water as necessary. Also watch for ice dams that may form and cause a leak.


A best practice for seasonal care of your water features in Tucson, AZ is a thorough spring cleaning. Plan to complete a full cleanout in early spring, before the water temperature reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is especially important if your water is dark in color, indicating that a lot of dirt and debris has accumulated at the bottom.

To perform this cleaning, start by draining the water. Then, rinse the gravel and rocks with a garden hose. Use the cleanout pump to remove the dirty water as you go. Work your way from top to bottom. Once the rinse-water starts to look clear, your water feature is clean and you can refill it.


Summer offers the simplest seasonal care of your water features in Tucson, AZ. Clean the skimmer basket regularly, keep an eye on the water level, adding water as needed, and watch for leaks and make repairs if necessary. This maintenance will keep your water feature in top shape to enjoy all summer long.

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