Caring for Your Water Features

Water features can add beauty and appeal to your surroundings. Of course, keeping these features attractive requires caring for your water features in Tucson, AZ. For the best results, pay careful attention to three key areas of water feature maintenance.


Skimming your water feature keeps the surface clear of debris. A skimmer has three important components that work together when caring for your water features in Tucson, AZ:

  • Debris basket: Inside the skimmer is the debris basket. This is designed to catch twigs, leaves and other debris that may fall into the water. If the basket becomes too full, it will affect the water flow in your feature. This can affect the pump and the overall appearance of your water feature. To keep the skimmer working properly, be sure to empty the debris basket at least every other week.
  • Filter mat: This mat is situated below the debris basket, as a backup for the basket. If the basket misses any debris, the filter mat should catch it. This mat should be replaced if it is torn or starts to fall apart. A new mat should last about two years.
  • Pump: The pump keeps the water circulating in your water feature. Occasionally, you may need to clean the pump’s filter screen. To do this, remove the pump and clear away any debris that has accumulated on the bottom of the pump. You’ll know you need to do this if your feature experiences a reduction in water flow.

Maintaining water level

Over time, your water feature will inevitably lose water due to evaporation. It may also lose some water due to splashing or other factors. Caring for your water features in Tucson, AZ requires careful monitoring of the water level. Keep an eye on the skimmer to determine if your feature has lost water. If the level dips lower than about ¾-inch below the skimmer mouth top, you should add water.

Leak repair

If you hear your water valve running constantly, or if you need to add water daily to your water feature, it may have a leak. Fortunately, most leaks are fairly simple to fix. First, check the feature’s perimeter to see if any water is leaking and where it seems to be escaping the feature. Look for any obstructions that may be causing a water backup or leak. Remove any debris, or place additional soil under the liner if necessary, to stop the leak. You may also need to remove plants that are growing in the filter and causing water displacement.

We know water features

If you have any questions about caring for your water features in Tucson, AZ or need assistance with installation or maintenance, contact the team at Arizona Pool & Pond Company. We offer quality construction, maintenance and repair services for ponds, pools, hot tubs and more. Our store also offers a wide selection of parts, supplies and cleaning tools for caring for your water features in Tucson, AZ. We’re your one-stop shop for water features! Reach our expert team today at 520-290-6280.

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