Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Really Work?

Robotic pool cleaners are the most expensive, but only because they’re superior to other automatic cleaners in every single way. Besides the high price tag, the one factor holding back pool owners in Tucson, AZ is that they aren’t familiar with how robotic pool cleaners work. Keep reading to learn how robotic pool vacuums work better than any other kind.

Scrub every tile of the pool

Most automatic pool cleaners will only scrub the pool floor, while robotic models can traverse every single inch of the pool’s surface. But robotic pool cleaners do more than crawl across the floor, walls and steps of your pool. They have built-in sensors that indicate where they are in the pool and when they begin to approach the water’s edge.

Suction and pressure side pool cleaners wander aimlessly and often leave dirty surfaces untouched, which means more manual work for you. Robotic pool cleaners have computerized programming to let them know where they’ve been and which areas still need cleaning. You won’t have to constantly check the pool cleaner to make sure it’s doing its job correctly.

Save time and electricity

Robotic pool cleaners save you a lot of time compared to their suction and pressure side counterparts. The computer chip collects memories from every cleaning session and uses this information to optimize the pool cleaner’s path next time you power it up. In other words, a robotic pool cleaner will calculate the most efficient way to clean your pool in the shortest amount of time.

Robotic pool cleaners are also much more energy efficient. Their electrical source is entirely different compared to how other pool vacuums work. Instead of hooking up to your pool’s filter pump, the cleaner runs on a low-voltage transformer that’s plugged into an outdoor power socket. Robotic cleaners scrub and circulate water at the same time, so you don’t have to run the pool’s filtration system while it cleans.

Clean when it’s convenient

Some pool owners in Tucson, AZ are hesitant to purchase an automatic pool cleaner because they don’t have time to set it up and be on the premises to make sure it doesn’t malfunction. Many don’t realize robotic pool cleaners work differently than the rest. Their Bluetooth compatibility allows you to pre-program when and for how long they clean your pool, allowing you to activate the pool cleaner while you’re on the go.

Keep pump baskets free of debris

Many automatic pool cleaners can’t pick up large pieces of debris because they’ll clog the pool’s pump basket. Since robotic pool vacuums work independent of the filtration system, they’re equipped with a filter bag that can handle larger debris like leaves and sticks. Robotic pool cleaners actually work because they can suck up debris, big or small, without breaking down.

For more information about how robotic pool cleaners work, reach out to the specialists at Arizona Pool & Pond Company. Our trained staff conducts pool maintenance in Tucson, AZ with industry-leading robotic cleaners and can suggest one that’s right for you. If you want to skip the big purchase and save on time, consider our pool cleaning services.

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