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How to Fix High and Low Pool pH

Summer in the Southwest means sizzling temperatures—and, if you’re fortunate enough to have one, some time by your pool. But to make sure it’s ready for swimmers, you’ll have to perform some swimming pool maintenance. Maintaining your pool’s pH level is one of the most important ways to care for it. The pH scale is […]

What to Look for When Your Pool Pump Motor Needs to Be Replaced

Do you own a pool in Tucson, AZ? A swimming pool is the perfect escape from the heat, but only if all components are working correctly, especially the motor within your pump. A working pump circulates the water, keeping it healthy and safe for regular swims. When your trusted technician for pool cleaning and maintenance […]

How to Make Swimming Pool Decks Less Slippery When Wet

“Slippery when wet” isn’t just a Bon Jovi album title—it’s also a serious danger to your family and guests when it comes to your pool deck. If you have a pool, you’re probably no stranger to little children running around like they’re invincible. If they slip and fall, though, the results can be dangerous. Here’s […]

Should I Get a Chlorine Pool or a Saltwater Pool?

Thinking about installing a pool in your backyard? Nothing makes the long, hot Tucson summers more palatable than diving into cool water. Saltwater tends to be a gentler alternative to chlorine pools, but both have their specific advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, both are great options for your backyard. Here’s how to decide between saltwater vs. […]

How to Avoid Five Above Ground Pool Maintenance Mistakes

Above ground pools provide the perfect place to get some exercise, entertain family and friends or relax on your own. No matter how you use your above ground pool, it’s important to take some steps to make sure your pool is kept as clean, healthy and safe as possible. Unfortunately, there are a lot of […]