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Design Tips And Ideas For Your Pool Patio

Whether you’re thinking about a new pool installation or just planning to improve your current one, it’s important to design your pool patio correctly. Getting it just right can make the entire pool experience more enjoyable. Choose A Sturdy Material When designing a pool patio, it is important to choose a sturdy material. This will […]

Deciding Between a Saltwater vs. a Freshwater Pool

When creating a garden, homeowners want it to be an extension of their living space. It needs to be a sanctuary away from the everyday. That means the pool water has to rise to the occasion. When dipping in after a hectic day of work and household chores, an increasing number of people choose to […]

Preparing Your Pool for the Hot Arizona Months

The hotter months of Arizona are the perfect time to go for a swim or just lounge around the pool on a float. However you spend your time, preparing your pool for the summer is a top priority. With a little prep, you can be sure it’s clean and ready for everyone to jump in. Schedule […]

Checklist for New Pool Owners

Spring is an exciting season for pool owners. They not only enjoy the rain showers, watch the flowers bloom, and enjoy warmer weather, but also enjoy the opening of their pool, which officially signals the start of the swimming season. If it’s your first time opening a pool as a pool owner, it’s normal to […]

Cleaning Your Pool After a Party

While the celebration was probably lots of fun, it is crucial to understand the process of cleaning your pool after a party. The five steps below are essential to follow so that your pool remains in good shape and lasts as long as possible. 1. Test Chemical Levels Carefully  Testing the chemical levels in your […]