Preparing Your Pool for the Hot Arizona Months

The hotter months of Arizona are the perfect time to go for a swim or just lounge around the pool on a float. However you spend your time, preparing your pool for the summer is a top priority. With a little prep, you can be sure it’s clean and ready for everyone to jump in.

Schedule a Pool Inspection

Your pool should be inspected regularly so that you don’t run into big problems. It’s best to stick to a schedule so you don’t forget about the inspection. In Arizona, it’s common for the inspection to take place in the early spring — right before it starts to get warm enough to want to use the pool.

Pool inspectors will be able to look over the integrity of the pool liner, the foundation, as well as the different types of equipment that you have in place. You’ll want to make sure that your pump and filtration system are working properly.

The sooner you book your inspection, the better. This will allow you time to get anything fixed if an issue is identified.

Add Water

You’ve likely got a bit of evaporation from the pool not being used for a few months. As such, you’ll want to add water to the pool before you do too much cleaning. Additionally, the water levels should be where you want them before adding chemicals.

If you try to add chlorine or other chemicals before adding water, you’ll end up throwing off the balance — and spending twice as long checking everything.

Be sure not to add any water to the pool until after your inspection. If there are issues with the liner or anything else, more water can only cause further problems.

Clean the Pool

It can often be a surprise how much cleaning needs to be done when you remove the cover after a few months of non-use.

The pool prep for summer depends heavily on how much needs to be cleaned. You’ll want to clean the pool from top to bottom and eliminate any mold and algae. You can also use a few tools to help along the way, including a skimmer and a vacuum.

Consider the following to ensure that your pool is the cleanest it can be (and stays that way):

  • Clean or replace your pool filter
  • Add a tennis ball to the water to absorb the oil
  • Use pool brushes to scrub certain areas
  • Test your pH and chlorine levels

You can do as much or as little on your own when it comes to preparing your pool for the summer. It’s always possible to hire a company to do the cleaning as well as manage the chemicals. Once your pool is clean and properly pH balanced, you can truly enjoy it without worrying about whether it’s safe. Then, it’s just about maintaining the pool throughout the entirety of the summer.

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