Checklist for New Pool Owners

Spring is an exciting season for pool owners. They not only enjoy the rain showers, watch the flowers bloom, and enjoy warmer weather, but also enjoy the opening of their pool, which officially signals the start of the swimming season. If it’s your first time opening a pool as a pool owner, it’s normal to worry about where to begin. 

Working with a pool maintenance team is an excellent idea. However, you also need a pool opening checklist that will allow you to work on your pool comfortably. Here is a checklist for new pool owners.

Pool Opening Kit

Your pool opening kit is a whole boxful of supplies that come in one package. This package contains a clarifier, algaecide, pool shock, test strips, scale and stain prevention, and Sun Sorb to soak up oily substances in the water.

Wet-Dry Vacuum

You also need a wet and dry vacuum for your pool opening activity. It comes in handy for clearing spider webs, leaves, and debris from the pool heater.

Fresh Reagents for Your Test Kit

Having a high-quality liquid test kit is critical when opening a pool. Note that these reagents have a shorter shelf life as cold weather affects their chemical structure, which leads to poor water test results. Be sure to replace them every season.

Water Balancing Chemicals

After running your water test, you must adjust the alkalinity, pH, and calcium levels. The balancing chemicals help increase or decrease these levels to suit your desired results. You will need your balancing chemicals all summer.

Automatic Cleaner Filters

Your automatic pool cleaner is essential for cleaning your pool on the first day. Make sure it’s in good condition and that you’ve replaced the debris bag or filters if the old one appears clogged and worn out.

Pool Maintenance Accessories

The pool maintenance accessories include a pool pole, vacuum hose, vacuum head, and brush and leaf rake. Like the reagents, these pool cleaning tools also have a short lifespan and may need to be replaced often. Look at them before pool opening day and determine what needs to be replaced.

Garden Hose

A garden hose is an essential tool you need when opening a pool. That’s because your first step of the opening process involves raising the water level using a garden hose.

Teflon Tape for Threaded Plugs

A Teflon tape can be used on threaded plugs, pressure gauges, drain plugs, and other threaded fittings that require tightening. If you fail to use Teflon tape or other thread sealants on threaded connections, you risk air and water leaks which can lead to problems with your pool equipment.

Basic Hand Tools

You need your toolbox for various tasks, such as tightening the filter clamp, lavender, and drain plugs. It’s best to have the box next to you during the pool opening day, so you don’t have to go looking for it in the middle of the process.

Need help with pool opening or have questions about your pool opening checklist, contact Arizona Pool & Pond Company today. We offer high-quality pool maintenance services in Tucson, AZ. Let us help you enjoy your oasis.

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