When To Drain Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools offer a great environment to relax and spend quality time alone with a spouse, family, or friends. However, like any other luxury outdoor feature, pools require high maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape all year round. Part of the maintenance means draining it to give it a fresh start. So how do you safely and effectively drain a pool? How often should you do it, and do you need to? Read on to find out!

Do I need to drain my pool?

Periodic water changes are part of the process of maintaining a healthy pool. While they have filtration systems, pools need draining at some point. Years of chemical, landscaping and overall environmental changes can take a toll on the water. The dead skin, oils, and pet dander also pollute the water in the long term, making it difficult to treat the water effectively. You may also be forced to drain your pool if you need to do certain types of repairs.

How to drain pool

Whether you’re draining an in-ground or above-ground pool, the process calls for proper process. If water levels in the area are high enough, they can cause your pool to pop out of the ground. Pool pop is a term used to describe the unfortunate scenario where the underground pressure heaves the empty pool upward. Pool pop happens after heavy, steady rain when the pool is emptying.

The safest way to drain your pool is by using a submersible pump. You can rent these from hardware stores or pool supplies stores. You must drain the pool water into the sewer outlet on your property.

Keep the flow to approximately 12 gallons per minute or less, as sewer lines are not built to deal with huge quantities of water at once. Using a garden hose will take you a day or less to completely drain the pool, depending on the pool’s size.

How often should I drain my pool?

There is no definitive period for draining a pool, as everyone has different needs. Ideally, if you don’t use your pool often, you will likely have less debris build-up than someone who swims in their pool every day.

Experts recommend draining a pool every three to five years to help keep the water clean and clear of dirt and debris. It’s also important to know that draining and refilling your pool helps extend its lifespan.

What is the best weather to drain a pool?

Some pools are susceptible to damage by elements because of the materials they’re made of. For this reason, it’s critical to drain your pool when the weather is mild. That means skipping winter and summer when temperatures are extreme. Spring is ideal because the water will be fresh enough for summer swimming. Fall works well too, but pool professionals don’t recommend letting the pool remain empty over the winter.

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