The Top 3 Causes of a Cloudy Pool

Having your own pool at home can be a great investment and an addition to your property. When you are a pool owner, it will allow you to enjoy many nice summer afternoons relaxing and entertaining. While a pool can be great to look at and enjoy, there are situations when it could actually start to look cloudy or milky. If your pool looks milky, you will want to have it corrected as soon as possible, and understanding the possible causes is very important. There are three top causes why your pool could appear less clear that you should be aware of. 

Poor Chemical Mix

For the pool to be safe to use and have a nice color and clarity, you will need to have the right balance of chemicals in it. The pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels will all have a big impact and need to be properly balanced. It is important that you check these chemical levels regularly. If they are off, you should make the necessary adjustments. Eventually, and with proper cleaning, your pool should return to the desired color.

Damaged or Poor Filtration System

Another reason why your pool can start to look cloudy or milky is that your filtration system is not working properly. The filtration system is necessary to help get debris and impurities out of the pool. If the filter has not been on long enough, if the skimmer is blocked, or the filter is damaged, your pool could lose its color and clarity over time. In these situations, you should clean out all the filters and check the skimmers. In some cases, further repairs may be needed to ensure the filter and skimmer are working properly.   

Outside Factors

There are also outside factors that could affect the clarity of your pool. Some items that could make your pool lose its proper color include bird droppings, spilled drinks and food, sunscreen runoff, and other debris that gets into the pool inadvertently. The use of pool cleaning agents and skimmers will typically be enough to clean these items up.

Having a pool that looks cloudy or milky can be a frustrating situation. If you are wondering why is my pool cloudy, there are various causes that you should be aware of. Once you understand the cause of your milky pool, you will be able to make the necessary corrections to it. 

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