Pond Ideas for Your Backyard

Adding a pond to your backyard can drastically change the look and feel of your outdoor living space. A water feature can create a space where you’ll want to spend more time outdoors than you do inside. A pond can be more affordable than you might think. 

There are several different backyard pond ideas for your home. It comes down to the overall atmosphere that you want your backyard to have. Ideas for transforming your backyard with a pond can be an exciting journey. 

What You Should Consider When Adding a Pond

Backyard ponds come in all shapes and sizes. You can incorporate a rustic, natural or modern feel into your pond design. The great thing about a custom-created pond is that we work with you and design your desired pond to fit your backyard.

Ideas for transforming your backyard into a pond shouldn’t be an overwhelming process. When deciding what you want, plan big. The job of your landscaper is to make that dream become a reality with the backyard space and the budget that you have to work within.

Placement Matters

Placement is more important than you may think. You need to take into account what your backyard landscape will allow for. Where you put your pond has a lot to do with how your backyard pond will transform your yard. 

Positioning your pond in the center of your yard will make it the focal feature of your backyard. If you choose to put the pond in the center of your yard, you want to select a striking design. Backyard ponds can be pieces of art, either with structures, rock formations or objects.

You can also give the impression of serenity with the corner pond. You can put a pond in the corner of your yard, or around a gazebo. This will give you an outdoor living space that gives a sense of calm. 

You can also create stunning ponds that are designed to be spread out across your backyard. This can include walkways that cross over the pond, making it a spectacular feature. 

Keep It Natural 

Natural ponds are some of the most popular designs. The term "natural," however, may not mean what you first think. Rather than just having a simple pond, nature can be incorporated to make an elaborate design. 

Using rocks to create the surrounding perimeter of the pond can change the feel. You can go with slab rocks or a mixture of different shapes. 

You can also bring nature into your pond by making it an aquatic garden. These are lush ponds with plant life and can also include fish.

Make a Statement 

You can make a statement by creating either a rustic or modern pond. Rustic ponds usually have added features that can either hold the pond itself or be additions to make them stand out.

When it comes to modern ponds, the sky’s the limit. They can become art pieces. Adding sculptures, lights and elegant designs that are starkly contrasted by solid stone makes for an eye-catching pond feature. 

Whatever style you select, the pond should reflect your idea of how you want to transform your backyard. 

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