How to Make Swimming Pool Decks Less Slippery When Wet

“Slippery when wet” isn’t just a Bon Jovi album title—it’s also a serious danger to your family and guests when it comes to your pool deck. If you have a pool, you’re probably no stranger to little children running around like they’re invincible. If they slip and fall, though, the results can be dangerous. Here’s what you need to know about anti-slip surfaces for swimming pools in Tucson, AZ.

Change your deck material

If you have smooth concrete, stone, tile or smooth synthetic materials surrounding your pool, it’s no wonder that people slip when they’re walking around the pool area. As you probably know, water can act as a lubricant on some surfaces, which means pool-goers can slip and fall at any time.

Here are some better materials to try:

  • Stone: Stone, like flagstone, can be a great (and beautiful) way to texture your deck material without sacrificing beauty. The key is to make sure that whatever kind of stone you choose, it’s got plenty of bumps and grooves for your feet to grip, rather than smooth stone that makes you more likely to slip.
  • Brick: Brick is not only pretty, but it has plenty of natural texture that will help absorb water and ensure a safe walkway for pool-goers. It could seem like an odd choice, but think about how many backyards are terraced and fenced in. Brick seamlessly works with most backyard landscaping, making it a great option for many pools.
  • Textured concrete: Concrete is a popular and inexpensive way to pave your pool deck—all you need is a little texture. You can add aggregates like smooth pebbles, rocks and gems to create a beautiful, non-slippery surface. Alternatively, you can have the concrete stamped to create texture in and of itself. Both are smart ways to inexpensively create a beautiful, safe deck.
  • Pavers: Pavers refer to different kind of paving “stones,” whether they’re made of stone, brick, concrete or other materials. Using disparate pieces to pave your deck gives something for feet to grip onto. That helps prevent slipping and sliding, and will ensure that your pool is not only beautiful, but hazard-free.

How to prevent falls without new construction

Of course, it’s not always budget-friendly to repave your deck. If you can’t redo your deck, there are two ways that you can prevent slipping and falling.

First, wear shoes—whether they’re dollar-store flip-flops or real “water shoes,” wearing shoes around your deck at all times drastically reduces the likelihood that someone will take a tumble on your pool deck.

Second, you can invest in a few pool mats. They’re not pretty, but these rubberized mesh material mats will help increase traction. This is a relatively inexpensive option when you’re not ready to renovate your pool deck, but you still want to be able to protect the people who are visiting.

For more information about how to make swimming pool decks less slippery when wet in Tucson, AZ, get in touch with Arizona Pool & Pond Company.

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