What to Avoid Doing with Your Hot Tub During the Winter

There are few things that feel better on a chilly winter day than dipping into a warm hot tub. Many people feel that winter is the best time of year for hot tubbing, because of how great it feels to just sit in warm water even when the weather outside is frightful. But there are some issues associated with winter hot tubbing that you should be aware of, and things to never do to a hot tub during the Tucson, AZ winter.

If you are a hot tub owner, here are a few things you should be sure to avoid doing during the winter months so you can prevent any major issues from occurring with your hot tub.

Changing your water

Most hot tub manufacturers will recommend that you change the water in the tub every three or four months. However, you should try to time this in such a way that you avoid having to do it in the middle of winter.

Having fresh water will definitely improve your hot tubbing experience, but if the weather is going to be on the cooler side, you’re not going to want to change the water, as there will be an elevated risk of freezing your pipes. Instead, try to change the water in November, or before the weather really gets wintery.

If you are in a scenario in which, for whatever reason, you must change the water when it is very cold outside, you should do so a little bit at a time, taking out six to 12 inches at once, then refilling and reheating in between partial drains. While you won’t get the same results as a complete drain and refill, it will at least get you through the winter and avoid damaging your hot tub and pipes.

Improperly dealing with snow

Snow and hot tubs don’t really mix. Fortunately, we rarely have to deal with this in Tucson! Still, it’s good to know what to do if this unusual situation arises.

First and foremost, you should make sure you keep snow off the cover of your hot tub as much as possible. Remove snow loads to prevent it from cupping the cover, pushing down the center and lifting the edges. But rather than using a shovel, which could have its blade dig through and rip the cover, you should instead use a broom or brush, like what you’d use for your vehicle.

If you know there’s going to be a lot of freezing rain coming, you should also put a tarp over the hot tub so you can just remove the tarp and not have to worry about the ice being left behind on the cover.

You should also never use snow to refill the tub. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be amazed at how many people try to do this. Melted snow has a different water balance, and can introduce unwanted chemicals into the system. Its impurities will damage the sanitizing solution and result in cloudy water. Just keep the snow on the ground where it belongs.

Avoiding maintenance

You need to stay on top of your maintenance all year long, even if you’ve been too busy to use the hot tub. Check it once a week, make sure you keep adding your chemicals and have any problems repaired by a professional as soon as you notice them.

For more information about things to never do to a hot tub and general tips for hot tub maintenance in Tucson, AZ, contact Arizona Pool & Pond Company today.

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