The Top Swimming Pool Games for Kids

An adult’s ideal pool day might include reading a book poolside, lounging in an inflatable pool chair or swimming a few laps. Kids, on the other hand, typically aren’t satisfied with these types of low-key activities. Instead, they’d rather play some fun games! Luckily, there are countless games for kids at swimming pools in Tucson, AZ—this post will cover a few of our favorites.

Sharks and minnows

In this game, one player is the shark and the others are the minnows. The shark must stand out of the pool with their back facing the minnows on the opposite side. When the shark yells “sharks and minnows!” all the minnows can dive in the water and try to swim to the opposite side of the pool before being tagged by the shark. If a minnow is tagged, they become a shark in the next round. The last minnow left standing is the winner.


Lifeguards tend to dislike kids playing chicken, as it can get a little dangerous. Chicken involves at least four players broken up into teams of two. One player from each team gets on their teammate’s shoulders and must attempt to knock the opposing top players off into the water. The game is straightforward and a lot of fun, but it can potentially lead to some scratches and bruises.

Marco Polo

Another one of the classic swimming pool games for kids in Tucson, AZ is Marco Polo. This game involves one player swimming around with their eyes closed and shouting, “Marco!” All of the other players must respond by yelling, “Polo!” The object is for Marco to tag all of the other players simply based on audio clues. This is a great game for younger children, as the older kids tend to get bored after a little while.

Water basketball

Water basketball never gets stale, especially for kids who love sports. Unlike other games mentioned so far, this one necessitates a basketball hoop made for pools and some sort of inflatable ball. The possibilities are endless when you have a water basketball hoop at your pool. Kids could play a standard basketball game, knock out, HORSE or anything in between.

Water volleyball

Water volleyball is one of the games for kids at a swimming pool in Tucson, AZ that requires a little bit of equipment. A water volleyball net can be a bit of a pain to put up and take down each time you want to play. However, it’s a fun game that a bunch of kids can play at once.

Greasy watermelon

If you don’t mind your pool water getting a little dirty, let the kids play greasy watermelon. In this game, a watermelon is greased up with Vaseline and then tossed into the pool. Kids will have a ton of fun trying to grab onto the slippery watermelon!

Is it time for a pool?

It’s hard to play all of these swimming pool games for kids in Tucson, AZ if you don’t have your own swimming pool! There’s never been a better time to install a pool at your home, so call our team at Arizona Pool & Pond Company to get started with your pool construction project.

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