Is Maintaining a Pond Similar to a Pool?

Water features such as fountains, pools and ponds are extremely popular in areas with hotter, drier climates. People crave the refreshing nature of these property additions when the temperature skyrockets and the desert conditions set in. If you are like the many others in Pima County looking into options for a water feature, you probably want to know how to maintain a pond in Tucson, AZ.

Are pools and ponds the same?

If you are familiar with pool cleaning and you’ve started researching how to clean a pond in Tucson, AZ, you’ve probably discovered that these are two very different water features. In fact, pond maintenance is much more involved than standard chlorine pool care.

What does maintaining a pond involve?

Initially, learning how to maintain a pond in Tucson, AZ can seem like a daunting task that you would rather avoid all together. But if you really want a pond on your property, you have to familiarize yourself with the maintenance process. Luckily, you’ll quickly find out that pond care is much easier than you anticipated at the beginning:

  • Begin right away: As soon as construction of your pond is completed, it’s time to start maintaining your new water feature. If issues crop up in the beginning, you are going to have pond problems for years to come. Getting these matters under control from the get-go makes all the difference.
  • Clean: With a skimmer net, you’ll want to remove any leaves and other debris. Decaying leaves release harmful gases that can throw off the entire balance of your water ecosystem. You’ll need a pond vacuum to remove excess sludge from the bottom, but not so much that your pond can’t support healthy algae growth.
  • Nourish water plants: During the early summer, you’ll want to introduce water plants to help maintain the environment you’ve created in your pond for the upcoming year. You’ll want to regularly cull pond plants to allow the water to receive the necessary amount of oxygen to support all organisms.
  • Control ice: Although extreme weather is rare here, winter can wreak havoc on your pond. The low temperatures and oxygen limitations can fill off all of your aquatic life before spring arrives. Luckily, tools like deicer are available to control the development of ice if it ever gets exceptionally cold at night.
  • Monitor algae growth: While algae plays a crucial role in the health of your pond, too much of it can be a disaster. There are both natural and manufactured methods for handling algae in your pond.
  • Observe parts for trouble signs: The pump, filter, lines or fountain that form your pond may experience any number of issues, from clogs to leaks. Examine these components for signs of wear and tear.

Now that you know more about how to clean a pond in Tucson, AZ, you might want to consider speaking with experts who understand everything from design to long-term maintenance. That’s why the people in our community rely on Arizona Pool & Pond Company for everything related to their residential and commercial water features. Contact us today to discuss your options for cultivating an idyllic pond on your property.

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