What to Do When a Hot Tub Is Leaking

All year round, there’s nothing that can relieve stress or soothe aching joints and muscles quite like a dip in your hot tub. Of course, when one or more components in your hot tub leaks in Tucson, AZ, it can become challenging to get the same benefits from your tub as you are used to. Not to worry! There are steps you can take to identify and repair any issues you may have.

Stay calm

Even if it’s a slight trickle, discovering that there’s a leak coming from the bottom of your hot tub can be extremely alarming. It can be extremely confusing, too, since several places in your hot tub could potentially spring a leak. Try to keep a level head.

There are plenty of reasons that your hot tub could be leaking, some big, some small. So, your first step should be to identify where the leak is coming from.

Shut off the pump and drain the tub

As soon as you notice a leak, immediately shut off your pump and let the tub drain to its lowest level. During the draining process, be sure to keep an eye on your hot tub’s various components to see if you can spot where your Tucson, AZ hot tub is leaking. You should also take note of the place at which your hot tub levels off.

Here are a few common problems that can trigger leaks in your hot tub.

My pump is leaking

When you discover a leaking pump in your hot tub, the likely cause is one of three components: a crack in your shaft seal, unions that aren’t connecting or a leak in the wet end volute. A quick check with a flashlight should help you identify which of these parts is leaking so you can order the correct replacement parts.

Your spa light housing is loose

Another common issue that leads to hot tub leaks in Tucson, AZ is a loose light housing. The heat from a spa light can eventually wear down the substance that keeps your fixture adhered to the side of your tub.

There’s a plumbing issue

If you drain your tub and can’t spot where your hot tub is leaking, you could have an issue with the plumbing itself. That’s a worst-case scenario. If you’re not immediately clear as to where your hot tub leak is coming from, you should immediately call in the pros.

Perfect spa service

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