What Is a Natural Pool?

A natural pool is an increasingly popular option among our customers for a number of reasons. Since they do not rely on heavy chemical usage like a lot of other pools, they are popular among our customers seeking to reduce their impact on the world around them. Pools are everywhere in Arizona, and our team at the Arizona Pool & Pond Company is happy to keep our customers informed about all of their options for staying cool in the hot months that lay ahead. A natural swimming pool in Tucson, AZ can be an enticing option for many of our clients—read on for some basic information about them!

Is a natural pool different than a swimming pond?

The short answer to this is, yes! A natural swimming pool and a swimming pond are similar in that they both use natural methods to filter their water without harsh chemicals, but there are some key differences between them. A swimming pond in Tucson, AZ requires aquatic plantings to filter its water and ensure that it stays pure enough for people to enjoy. This balanced ecosystem approach usually necessitates that at least 50 percent of the pond consist of plantings in order to control algae growth.

On the other hand, a natural pool does not require these plants (although they can be added for looks), but instead rely on biological filtration technology to keep the water clear.

Can you heat a natural pool?

This is another key difference when it comes to natural swimming pools in Tucson, AZ: you can absolutely heat them to enjoy their clear waters year-round. Swimming ponds are a bit more limited in this regard—our technicians do not recommend ever heating them or covering them, as doing so can disrupt the delicate balance that they rely on to stay clear and clean. Natural swimming pools can be covered and/or heated, and even built indoors, meaning that your family and other loved ones can enjoy it for many months out of the year.

How do natural pools stay clean?

While swimming ponds rely on aquatic plants to filter the water and keep it free of algae, natural swimming pools in Tucson, AZ instead use pumps. These pumps move the pool’s water through biological filters that keep it hygienic and free of impurities—water in a natural swimming pool is actually clean enough for people to drink, so you can rest assured that this process is effective and efficient at cleaning and purifying the water that your family will be enjoying.

Swimming in a pool that doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals is a fantastic experience. Our customers should understand their options to get there, and realizing the differences between natural swimming pools and swimming ponds is a great place to start. At Arizona Pool & Pond Company, we are always happy to talk over these options with all of our customers, so feel free to give us a call at any time. We’d be more than happy to discuss all of your pool options based on your unique needs and requirements!

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