Why Do Pond Pump Parts Seem to Break More in Arizona?

Ponds require maintenance, and nowhere is that truer than in Arizona’s hot, dry climate. The prolonged extreme heat common throughout Arizona, plus the exposure to sunlight and the dry air polluted with dust will decrease the lifetime of a pond’s water pump faster than in many areas elsewhere the United States. When the sun bleaches those plastic parts, it does more than just change its color—it also increases the brittleness of the material and makes it more prone to breakage.

A broken pond pump is a big problem that you should address right away. The pond pump keeps oxygen at a safe level for fish, and may also function as a cooling feature so that the temperature doesn’t spike and kill off the fish and plants living in the water. Keeping up on pond pump maintenance in Tucson, AZ can help you avoid these and other issues.

Signs your pump parts are failing or broken
When your pond pump breaks, it will become clear quickly. Watch out for algae blooms on the water. You might notice that your fish remain near the surface and seem to gulp for air, or that the water is cloudy or mucky. Odd smells, stagnant water and swarms of mosquitoes are other telltale signs that something has gone wrong with your pond pump. These symptoms are all extremely unhealthy for the delicate ecosystem in your pond. In order not to kill the fish and plants, you’ll need to replace any broken pond pump parts.

Why aeration is so important
There is a small amount of dissolved oxygen in water—so small that it’s measured in parts per million. However, this oxygen is crucial to the health and wellbeing of plants, fish and other aquatic life. As the temperature rises, water evaporates, lowering the water level, and it’s harder for water to retain a healthy amount of dissolved oxygen. On top of that, fish, beneficial bacteria and plants have an increased need for oxygen when it’s hot outside.

Pond aeration helps solve these problems. Running your pond pump 24/7 and/or installing a dedicated aerator helps increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, which allows the various life forms to thrive.

However, since the heat is extreme, running the pump and aerator can be expensive and prone to breakage. If your pond pump is in direct sunlight, you should watch it extra-carefully during the warm months. Always clean out your filter at least twice per year, which will prevent the pump from running hotter and affecting the delicate pond ecosystem. Finally, if you need assistance with pond pump maintenance in Tucson, AZ, call the talented team at Arizona Pool & Pond Company.

Pond pump maintenance in Tucson, AZ
If you’ve thought about exploring water features or other decorative or functional water installations, we can help. From design to installation, our experienced team makes the pond building process a breeze. Having trouble with your pond parts? Be sure to call us for assistance. We can help you maintain your pond’s pump and troubleshoot any problems you may have.

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