Find Out Why Your Hot Tub Drained Overnight

Having a hot tub is a special treat: there’s nothing like hot water and bubbles to soothe aching muscles and help you relax. That’s why troubleshooting issues with your hot tub can be especially worrisome. You might be surprised to wake up and find out that your hot tub drained overnight. Not to worry—your hot tub is most likely just fine, and with the help of a professional, it’ll be back to its normally bubbly self in no time.

The maintenance and repair experts at Arizona Pool & Pond Company have discovered that the most common reason for this hot tub draining issue in Tucson, AZ is a check valve break, which would need to be replaced. This is a simple and quick fix, but you’ll want to trust the repair and replacement process to a professional.

What is a check valve?
A check valve is a small device that is designed to keep water flowing one way. It has a spring-loaded “flap seat” that stops water from flowing. If anything gets trapped within that valve, such as debris, it can disturb the flap and prevent the valve from sealing properly. That allows the water to flow backward and drain instead of remaining inside your hot tub. If your hot tub is elevated above your swimming pool, and you notice that there’s no water in the hot tub after the motor has been turned off all night, it’s probably due to a malfunctioning check valve.

What if it’s not my check valve?
If your hot tub’s water is draining even when the motor is on, it’s probably due to one of two issues. First, have your repair professional check the suction valves in your hot tub. They probably need to be adjusted properly to function well. After you turn off your spa, look at the spa return valve. Is it at least partially open? It needs to be partially open to allow for water flow between the pool and hot tub. Check with your pool maintenance professional to find out what the ideal setting for your hot tub may be.

The second potential cause is the actuator. Actuators help make it possible for you to turn on your water features or hot tub with the push of a button. They’re connected to the diverter valves, and if there’s a problem with any of those components, it could affect the water flow to or from your hot tub.

Fix your hot tub draining issues in Tucson, AZ
Get trusted pool and spa services from true professionals: the team at Arizona Pool & Pond Company will ensure your pool is well maintained with complete cleaning and maintenance services, including chemical additions, vacuuming and more. Our pool and spa specialists undergo regular training to offer you the latest techniques and technology in our industry, as well as superior service. Call or stop by today to find out how we can help solve your hot tub draining issues in Tucson, AZ. We look forward to assisting you!

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