The Top Swimming Pool Games for Kids

An adult’s ideal pool day might include reading a book poolside, lounging in an inflatable pool chair or swimming a few laps. Kids, on the other hand, typically aren’t satisfied with these types of low-key activities. Instead, they’d rather play some fun games! Luckily, there are countless games for kids at swimming pools in Tucson, […]

Top Picks for the Best Automatic Pool Skimmers

Cleaning your pool is a necessary but time-consuming part of pool ownership, which is why automatic pool skimmers are so popular in Tucson, AZ. These devices automatically collect the debris that falls into your pool, which cuts down on the amount of time you have to be out there with a manual skimmer. Here are […]

Get Crystal Clear on These Pool Maintenance Myths

Having your own pool is a great source of recreation for the whole family, especially during the oppressive summer months, but performing regular maintenance is key. We’ve heard some interesting pool maintenance myths over the last three decades. Here are the most common pool maintenance myths in Tucson, AZ, and our professional advice to counteract […]

Is Maintaining a Pond Similar to a Pool?

Water features such as fountains, pools and ponds are extremely popular in areas with hotter, drier climates. People crave the refreshing nature of these property additions when the temperature skyrockets and the desert conditions set in. If you are like the many others in Pima County looking into options for a water feature, you probably […]

Should I Get a Saltwater Pool or a Chlorine Pool?

The climate in Arizona is perfect for spending time poolside. Sure, there are stretches of time between November and March where the weather gets a bit too cool for a dip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sit outside to relax next to your gorgeous pool when it’s sweater weather. Before you make any decisions, […]