How to Remove Pool Stains

While having a pool during the summer is a nice luxury here in Tucson, it’s not without its maintenance challenges. From adding chlorine, to covering it, to balancing the pH levels, to cleaning it, a pool requires significant upkeep. This includes taking care of stains. Despite your best efforts, it’s possible your pool will develop […]

How to Fix High and Low Pool pH

Summer in the Southwest means sizzling temperatures—and, if you’re fortunate enough to have one, some time by your pool. But to make sure it’s ready for swimmers, you’ll have to perform some swimming pool maintenance. Maintaining your pool’s pH level is one of the most important ways to care for it. The pH scale is […]

Should I Skim Dead or Decaying Leaves?

When you own a pond in Tucson, AZ, there’s plenty of pond maintenance that must be done. If you’re familiar with the bacteria in your pond, you might assume the helpful bacteria will break down any organic material that happens to fall into your pond—including dead and decaying leaves. While it’s true that helpful bacteria […]

Should I Get an Aeration Device?

There’s a lot that goes into pond maintenance in Tucson, AZ. If you’re new to owning a pond, you might be wondering whether you need an aeration device. Although you don’t need one in general, if you’re going to stock your pond with fish or plants, it’s a good idea. Not only do fish need […]

Seasonal Care of Your Water Features

Each season is unique. It brings with it fresh blooms and different weather patterns. Each season also requires specific maintenance for your water features. To keep your water features in top shape, use the following guide for seasonal care of your water features in Tucson, AZ. Fall If your property (or a neighboring property) has […]