Preparing Your Hot Tub for When Taking a Vacation

When considering how to prepare your hot tub before traveling, there are some essential steps: lock your cover, check your filters, leave the cover open for an hour, shock your hot tub, and test and balance your water. Continue reading below for more details on these five vital steps for taking care of your hot tub while on vacation. 

Lock Your Cover 

It is vital to lock your cover for many reasons. First, locking up the hot tub cover will prevent debris like leaves, pebbles, sand, and bugs from going into the water. In addition to making the hot tub look dirty, different debris can result in a chemical imbalance in the water. This imbalance is why it is essential to lock the cover. Also, locking the cover before vacation will ensure that unwelcomed guests will not enter your hot tub while you are away. 

Check Your Filters 

To maintain your hot tub while on vacation, thoroughly check your filters beforehand. If the filter is less than a year old, you can choose to give it a good rinse to ensure the water remains clear. If your filter is more than a year old and you plan to leave for vacation, purchase a new filter. This switch will ensure the filter is not faulty and presents errors with heater deactivations while away. 

Leave Your Cover Open for an Hour 

By leaving your cover open for an hour, the water in your hot tub will get fresh air for an extended time before leaving for vacation. This step will maintain your hot tub while on vacation by having the water at its freshest state possible before leaving. Getting adequate fresh air will guarantee that your water does not become excessively stagnant while away. 

Shock Your Hot Tub 

Shocking will eliminate traces of bacteria from your hot tub. Completing a shock treatment will ensure your hot tub is as clean as possible before leaving. Additionally, shocking the pool and taking care of your hot tub while on vacation will guarantee that your hot tub water is clear and odorless once you come home from vacation. 

Test and Balance Your Water 

The last essential step for how to prepare your hot tub before traveling is testing and balancing your water. To complete this step, collect a sample from your hot tub and complete the test. Most tests will check two aspects of the water: calcium hardness and alkalinity. If these water conditions are not measured accurately, your hot tub will be at risk of damage by corrosion and scaling. Additionally, testing the water in your hot tub before leaving for vacation will assist with checking bacteria levels and treating it with proper sanitization methods. 

Taking care on your hot tub while on vacation can be uncomplicated by following these five essential steps explained above. Ensure that you have followed each step carefully, and you can be confident that your hot tub is taken care of while you are away. Additionally, preparing your hot tub before vacation will ensure that it will be ready for use once you arrive home. 


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