Planning Your Pond Renovation: What to Consider

Usually, a pond begins to age after it’s built. With the first rains, water picks up dirt particles and deposits them into your pond. It also throws in the mix of organic matter like grass, leaves, and willow tree limbs that limit your pond’s life. The pond will ultimately evolve into marshes and then marshes to dry land. Thankfully, Arizona Pool & Pond Company can uniquely renovate your pond to add a dynamic aesthetic to your home, business, or community.

How to Plan Your Pond Renovation

They say, “failing to plan is preparing to fail.” That’s why you need to plan out the details of your project in advance. An incredible, successful pond renovation project requires vivid and powerful imagination, combined with discipline and determination to actualize those imaginations.

Consider the following before planning your pond renovation:

  • Is there gunky or stagnant water
  • Do you fill the pond more than usual?
  • Do you spend more time on pond maintenance?
  • What does your ideal backyard paradise look like?
  • Are the current facets of your pond working correctly?
  • Have you ever experienced a blissful water feeling? If a wooded spring or a mountain stream is your happy place, use it as a reference point for your pond redesign.
  • What do you fancy more about your pond? Is it a variety of plants or the sound of running water? Maybe it’s the birds, fish, and other wildlife. Whatever brings you joy, redesign your pond around that.

Get Water Feature Inspiration

It might be challenging to imagine renovating your pond. We recommend finding images that you’re drawn to. If you need inspiration, we can highlight how an existing pond can be renovated into an oasis.

DIY vs. Hiring Us 

Many pond owners think they can DIY a renovation project. They do it to save as much money as possible. However, most of these people tend to underestimate the challenges of undertaking such a task. Indeed, videos, books, and online materials might guide you through the many stages of renovating a pond. But realistically, this project is an art just as much as it’s a science.

Our experts do this for a living, and we have been doing it for years. We’re more than renovators — we’re artists, and as with any great sculptor or painter, we have our styles that nobody can match. Homeowners who DIY this project can’t produce spectacular results. That’s why pond renovation is best handled by experts. A DIY project can save you money, but hiring us will save you time and money in the long run!

Contact Arizona Pool & Pond Company for Skilled Pond Care Experts

The planning phase should entail about 80% of the project, while the execution should cover the rest. When done this way, your project will be completed within the budget and on time. Also, when renovated correctly, ponds can provide water for wildlife, livestock, boating, fishing, aesthetics, fire protection, swimming, and higher land value. Contact us today to help bring the beauty of your pond to life in your home, business, or community.

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